Example of configuring computers in a domain for poll via WMI

This example shows how to configure computers in the domain for wmi poll using group policy.

  1. Install Network MACMonitor WMI Provider (Optional, see Note).


    Network MACMonitor WMI provider is a dynamic library that allows you to receive information about which user sessions are active on the computer. Also, when the library is installed, the computer is assigned a unique wmi identifier. If you do not install this library, then when computers are polled, information about user sessions will be unavailable. Also you can have problems with identification of computers. In the absence of an installed library, the computer is identified by three parameters: the serial number of the motherboard, the identifier of the computer system, and the installation time of the operating system. These three parameters may coincide, for example, if the system has been cloned from one computer to another.

  • Create a network share \dc.macmonitor.by\common\ and give rights to read and execute it to domain computers.
  • Download Network MACMonitor WMI Provider.
  • Place the file macmonprov_latest.exe on a network share.
  • Create an installprov.cmd file on a network share with the following contents:
"\\dc.macmonitor.by\macmonprov_latest.exe" /VERYSILENT /LOG="%temp%\wmi_prov.log"
  • Create a group policy “wmi_settings” to install the Network MACMonitor WMI Provider.
  • Go to Computer Configuration-> Policies-> Window Configuration-> Scripts →Scripts(Startup/Shutdown). Add Startup script.


  • Enter the path to the script \\dc.macmonitor.by\common\ installprov.cmd and click OK.


  • Click OK.


  1. Create user wmi_user in Active Directory Users and Computers.


  1. Configure wmi_user user rights for poll via wmi (add wmi_user to the Administrators group) using Group Policy.
  • Go to Computer Configuration->Preferences->Control Panel Settings->Local Users and Groups.


  • Click to create a local group and add the user wmi_user to the Administrators group. Click OK.
  1. Configure the Windows firewall using Group Policy.
  • Go to Computer Configuration->Policies->Windows Settings->Security Settings->Windows Firewall with Advanced Security->Inbound Rules.


  • Click New Rule.
  • Select Predefined Rule “Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)”.


  • In the Predefined Rules Windows leave everything unchanged and click Next.


  • In the Action window, choose “Allow the connection” and click Finish.