Receive email notifications

You can configure receiving notifications about availability/unavailability of network devices and endpoints.


A network device is considered unavailable if it does not respond to snmp requests. An endpoint is considered unavailable if it is not detected on any monitored port (the endpoint’s mac address is not present on any monitored ports).

To configure receiving email notifications, you should:

  1. Add Device Group: Devices → Groups → Add; choose events which users should be notified about; select users who will receive notifications.


  1. Add network devices and/or end points to the created group.
  2. Add a notificaiton configuration: Settings → Notification configurations → Add.

When adding a notification configuration, you must specify:

The name of the notification configuration.
SMTP server
Hostname or ip address of the SMTP server.
SMTP server port
SMTP server port (25 - for SMTP, 465 - for SMTP SSL/TLS).
SMTP email
email recipient
Connection timeout
Connection timeout in seconds.
Number of concurrent connections
The number of concurrent connections to the smtp server.
Connection security
When an encrypted connection is used, there is no check of the validity of the server certificate.
Authentication (optional field).
SMTP user
SMTP user (optional field, only if authentication is enabled).
SMTP user password
SMTP user password ( optional field, only if authentication is enabled).



You can send test email. To do this, click the test button when adding an notification configuration.

  1. To users selected in point 2, assign the created notification configuration and fill in the email field to which the notifications will be sent: Settings → Users → Edit.



After settings done, when the availability of network devices or endpoints changes, notifications will be sent.